Frank is an anti-drug program in Great Britain, a Belgium-born DJ, a village with about 400 residents in northern Poland, an influential rabbit played by James Duval in Donnie Darko, a code name for a World War II Japanese propeller fighter plane, a dirty cop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a hurricane responsible for six deaths in Mexico, actor Leslie NeilsonŐs creation in the Naked Gun movies, album names from musicians Amy Winehouse and Squeeze, a sloppily-dressed writer character for the television show 30 Rock played by Judah Friedlander, an actual writer who worked with Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live and the inspiration for the 30 Rock character, a cat-like cartoon creature who walks upright and has a pronounced overbite created by Jim Woodring, an actor who plays the assistant to a mad scientist on Mystery Science Theater 3000, a comedian known for his impersonations of John Madden and Jack Nicholson, a ghost town in northern California named for its first and last postmaster, a swing era singer and actor who won an Academy Award for his role in From Here to Eternity, the name of two prominent architects—one living and one dead, a science fiction writer responsible for the Dune series, the stage name for the singer/songwriter who played with the Pixies, a British Labour Party politician, the names of three American baseball players, a film director perhaps best known for ItŐs a Wonderful Life, the composer and frontman for The Mothers of Invention, a graphic novel artist and writer of Batman: The Dark Knight, Sin City and 300, a judo master from Cuba, an Oxford, England marmalade manufacturer, a Pulitzer Prize Irish-American author for his memoir, AngelaŐs Ashes, a mobster nicknamed One Eye, an actor that played The Riddler on the Batman television show whoŐs gravestone asks, What does it all mean?, and a character with a medical malady that might stump Dr. Gregory House.


The 100 random chapters of the novel Frank are intended for mature audiences only. If you think you qualify, email the author with a number 2 – 100 to receive a chapter (you already have the first one).