Hey O.J. Nice Shoes.


Paul Martin Lester (E-mail and home page), California State University, Fullerton

Panel discussion sponsored by the Visual Communication Division of AEJMC during the Mass Comm and Society Division's "New Media" Conference

Boulder, Colorado
March 14, 1997

Topics for this presentation include:

* Dockers khakis-Are they really so nice?
* Hunting frogs with my daughter
* Buying a National Enquirer
* Surfing the Web for news you can use
* What does astrology have to do with this presentation?
* What is the temperature of toilet water?
* No, I am not Cliff Stoll's brother
* Mixing of journalism, public relations, and advertising
* What does Ben Bagdikian have to say about that in Winds of Change?
* The Bridges of National Geographic and the Food lyin' case
* How is the Los Angeles Times involved?
* Bruno Magli faked photos?
* Photographic topics of interest in the O.J. civil trial testimony
* What "manipulation" occurred during a photographer's testimony?
* What makes a photographic expert?
* What does Lee Oswald have to do with this case?
* Who is Cyril Wecht and why do we care?
* How do you find the telephone numbers of the O.J. photographers?
* How is JonBenet involved?
* Online versus print versions of the case
* The Bruno Magli web page
* Where do Bruno Magli shoes come from?
* How much did the O.J. shoes cost?
* How many words mean "change"?
* What happens when you alter words like some alter pictures?
* What is the "Doomsday Clock"?
* Where can you buy a digital thermometer?
* How do you convert Celsius to Fahrenheit?
* How hot was that McDonald's coffee that burnt that woman?
* What temperature is the water now?
* Study with a magnifying glass and not a microscope
* What does Marshall McLuhan say about all this?