KUFM Radio Commentaries, Montana Public Radio

Paul Martin Lester (E-mail and home page), University of Montana

Learning about 9-11 by a Visit to Hiroshima Aired August, 2002

God Bless America Aired June, 2002

Moral Mistakes and Tax Time Aired April, 2002

The 'Axis of Evil' and the Death Penalty Aired February, 2002

Speaking from the Silence Aired August, 2001

In Defense of Graffiti Aired July, 2001

Character is Tested Through A Coincidence Aired May, 2001

Enabling the Disabled Aired March, 2001

Service: Ask for It by Name Aired December, 2000

E-Mail Messages and the Web Aired November, 2000

Finding Meaning for the Web Aired September, 2000